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Attractions and 'Things to do' on Bruny Island

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Sporting, Walking and Adventure section

Bruny Island Cruises      (An absolute 'must do' on the island )  

Multi-award winning three-hour eco-cruise takes you through some of Bruny Island Charters speeding through 'The Monument'Tasmania's unspoiltspectacular blowhole on Bruny Islands southern coastline coastline like never before.

Boasting stunning natural cliff formations among the tallest in the world, the awesome 'Breathing Rock', the towering 'Monument' and the lush emerald green forests of South Bruny you will fall in love with this island paradise. The impressive array of local wildlife rivals many national parks throughout the world with dolphins, fur seals, whales, mackerel, salmon, penguins, albatross, eagles, gannet, shearwater and petrel all living in this delicate ecosystem.    video 


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Walking on Bruny Island  
  Bruny has a wide range of walks, both for the casual and experienced walker and is a magnificent place for a walking holiday with spectacular views and beaches at the end of most walks.  However, it must be stressed that all of our island has a 'wilderness' aspect which must be respected.  Please, before planning your walk be sure to take advice from either printed material or, better still, local knowledge.  An accurate weather forecast is also a must. Enjoy, but be safe!

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Cape Queen Elizabeth walk

Bruny Island Winery   
  Wayaree Estate - Lunawanna

It is Australia’s most southern vineyard producing a Pinot Noir and a Chardonnay. Always assured of a warm welcome, call in and have a taste. Yes, you can buy a bottle or two to take home at the Cellar Door.

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Bruny Chocolate and Fudge Factory and  Cafe  at Hiba  
  Adventure Bay Rd close to Bruny Main Rd Junction  
  Call in to the shop and and taste the unique fudges and chocolates from the factory - an ideal unique gift or souvenir of Bruny Island.

Other produce and gifts available.

Tel: (03) 6293 1456  
 Lennonville Orchards   (Black Devil Tasmanian Cherries)  
  Lennonville Orchards, Bruny Island is home to Black Devil Tasmanian Cherries. Producing the finest cherries in the world and reaching local, national and international markets. Set on 40 acres there are 15,500 trees, spread over 4 separate orchards.  The season lasts from around the 1st of January to the 15th of February and during this time these cherries are available for purchase on the Island and other discerning outlets all over Tasmania.  DELICIOUS!


 Bruny Island Cheese  and Cafe  
  Hand made cheeses from Bruny Island

As featured on the ABC's 'The Cook and the Chef'
Several types - all good - come for a tasting

Tel: (03) 6260 66332    Email:  
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